Determining The Price-Points For Shipping Containers in Los Angeles 

Shipping containers being transported
Source: Port Technology

Do you run a business in Los Angeles and often need extra space for temporary storage? Building a concrete warehouse may not be in your budget, so you may consider buying or renting shipping containers in Los Angeles instead. Some businesses might want a container that looks like new. Others may be fine with some faded paint or dent, as long as it is wind-tight and waterproof.

There are numerous benefits of opting for temporary storage using shipping containers than building a warehouse. Most importantly, they are cost effective and you have a temporary storage up and ready in a few days. Another advantage is that you can quickly shift your warehouse to another location if you move your office address. 

When looking for a shipping container for your business, you will realize that they have a wide price range. While you may rent a container for $75 to $200 per month, to buy one it may range from $1400 to $3000. The price varies depending upon several factors. You need to understand the relation between price and condition to determine the rate of the container. 

#1 Size 

This is an essential factor that determines the price of the shipping container. A standard 20 ft container can hold up to 2 tons of storage items, while a 40 ft long container is suitable for holding small machinery weighing between 3.5 to 4.2 tons.

#2 Age

Another important aspect that determines the price is the age of the container. However, it is worth noting that sometimes old containers may be in good condition with less noticeable damages than the newer ones that are handled roughly.

#3 History

The type of cargo that the container carries may also be responsible for wear and tear. If a container was used sparingly for carrying light and dry items, it will have less wear and tear. However, if the container was used for heavy, sharp machinery type items, there will be more wear and tear, causing the container to appear that it’s been used more frequently. Check the accurate history of each container.

#4 Condition

This is a no-brainer. A container that looks like new and needs no touch-ups will cost more than the one that has several dents and faded paint. The most expensive shipping containers that have been used for just one trip and still looks as good as new can cost as much as $5000.

#5 Cost of Delivery

If your business is located close to shipping yard or dock, the cost of delivering the container to your desired site will be less. However, if it needs be transported to another city or a distant location, the high delivery cost will increase the total price.

#6 Customized Features

The price may also vary based on the different types of customized features such as open-sided, double-sided, open-top, flat-racks, refrigerated, pallet-wide containers, bilkers, coil carriers, collapsible racks and so on.


The price points mentioned above may vary widely based on different factors. Before you start looking for containers in Los Angeles, make sure you analyze the present and future requirements of your business. After buying the container, you will need to repair any damages and customize it to meet your needs, so consider this when determining the expected cost involved.

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